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"And I was thinking as I walked out of your office last week that you're literally the only person in my life right now who's been giving me any positive feedback whatsoever. I had forgotten how much it helps my mood & self-esteem. So thank you! 😘"
"I appreciate all of the times you were tough on me, and all of the times you listened, and all of the times you just let us talk about movies. I know that this is your job, but I truly don't think I could have recovered as successfully as I have without you. I am entering my senior year this fall, and I like to think that, at least, confidence-wise, I would be unrecognizable to you now.
Thank you again for everything."
Class of 2016
"Constance is a true gift. She has a unique ability to get a sense of who someone is, and offers insights that help the individual see what’s going on from a bird’s eye view.
I personally found her insights to be invaluable to my success. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an excellent therapist or coach to help achieve greater levels of success and overall well-being in life."
Graduate, 2009* (*written in 2014)
"I came into the counseling center (after my roommate pushed me to make an appointment). I sat with one therapist after another until I finally landed in your office. Week after week you sat with me until I started to crack.
I had resisted every therapist I had met with before, but in your office I actually felt like you understood. You were the only therapist who dared to tease me.
I'm in my third year of a PhD program in History. Getting to where I am has taken a lot of work and a lot of gumption. Each time I've had to assert myself either in a meeting, with my adviser or during my oral comprehensive exams, I've quietly thanked you for allowing me to feel like I deserved to have a voice.
I've had a number of friends thank me for my sensitivity and for my advice. At those times too, I quietly thank you. I've continued to live my life in a way that you helped me figure out and entered new relationships with a stronger sense of self and with a depth of emotion you helped me access.
I've quietly thanked you too many times. It's about time you knew how much I appreciate all of your hard work and your help."
Thank you,
Ph.D. Candidate, 2014
"I am writing to thank you for everything you've done in the past four years. I could not be more appreciative of your patience and willingness to sit and listen and talk with me.
One of the highlights of each week was to sit and talk with you. I never really had the opportunity to open up the way I did in that room.
I am truly thankful for each week you let me through those doors."
2014 Graduate, 2014
"My best friend came to visit for a few days and after updating each other on our lives, boyfriends, jobs, apartments, etc., she asked me about therapy. I told her about the 7 or so therapists I have tried out and luckily, I have found one that has stuck.
But I could not stress to her enough how amazingly lucky and fortunate I was to have such an influential person in my life as you have been. Rarely does a week go by when I do not think about a life lesson, skill or movie or play or book that you taught me or introduced me to.
I do not know where I would be without having you support me through college."
With gratitude and love,
Graduate, 2008* (*written in 2013)
"I want to tell you that I feel blessed to have you in my life. You bring light in my life and with it clarity, perspective and understanding. You make me appreciate what I have and enjoy what life has to offer, especially when I don't feel I am able to do so myself.
In my eyes, you are a very beautiful person. You radiate optimism, warmth and positive energy. I thank life for having introduced me to you. I am grateful for your acceptance, care, compassion, perception, empathy. knowledge, humor, wit… you have far too many good qualities for me to list them all!
I hope to have your guidance and companionship in the years to come."
With love and warm regards,
Ph.D. Graduate, 2013
"Constance McCashin brings an unrivaled perspective to the table. Her combination of wit, empathy, and experience in the arts makes for a unique take on life. Not many, if any, have made the transition from screen actress to therapist. The lessons learned along the way allow Constance to have a wonderful view of the world. Get to know Constance, I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do."
Michael Boyle, Body By Boyle,
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Boston Red Sox
"Constance McCashin is a therapist I would send my own family to. I respect and trust her! She has my utmost confidence!"
R.H. Offenberger, Ph.D.,
Consulting Psychologist, Professional and Olympic Athletes
"Constance McCashin, a talented clinician, combines the wisdom of experience with a youthful enthusiasm and creativity. Her years of experience as an actress on stage and in Hollywood have given her a unique platform upon which to build a second career. She has a wealth of resources with a diversity that extends from Freud to Shakespeare to current pop culture and will use whatever fits to develop deeply authentic, compassionate connections. She engenders a type of growth in her clients that is tremendously empowering and ultimately, transformative."
Catherine P. Dooley, LMHC, Brandeis
University; Wellesley College Research
Centers for Women
"When I think of Constance, the word 'gifted' comes to mind. She's honest, smart, patient, funny, and generous of spirit. She is articulate and clear, with a unique ability to steer her clients toward new paths and possibilities for responding to difficult issues. Constance and I have worked together for over ten years. I trust her. And I have learned and benefited from her depth of understanding and valuable insights."
Jan Hangen, MS
Nutritionist for The Boston Ballet
"Constance McCashin is able to explain difficult mental health issues by connecting well with students of all backgrounds."
Steven A. Feller, B.D.
Sullivan Professor of Physics, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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